Use Cases

Global recommendations

For Tenure & Promotion

Researchers have added altmetrics to their CV and included it in tenure and promotion packets. For more examples, see WhatAreAltmetrics?.

For grant applications & reporting

People are already sending their Impactstory profiles to their funders, and their funders are loving them.  Some are using Impactstory data to define innovative ‘pathways to impact’ for UK grants.

For tracking and improving engagement

Terrie Moffitt uses altmetrics tools that map attention in order to better understand how to communicate her research to stakeholders worldwide. More details are provided in this Altmetric Case Study.

Your Life. Your Story. is a summer day camp for Latino teens in the Indianapolis area. The program is led by Silvia Bigatti, a psychologist in the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI. Silvia’s work tightly integrates teaching, research, and service, so it is important to her to demonstrate impact beyond citations. The Your Life. Your Story. project is an excellent example of integration as a research project that has incorporated service learning. The impact of this project cannot be captured solely by publications and citations. It takes time to gather, analyze, and report the evidence to demonstrate improved resilience for teens who participate. Silvia worked with librarians at IUPUI to gather other forms of evidence to indicate more immediate impact. These include media coverage, metrics from Facebook and YouTube, as well as donations to the program, and attendees at local events. Such evidence helps to tell the story about how this project is affecting the local community (civic engagement and public scholarship; see pp 32-35).

Other researchers incorporate Altmetric data into their lab website and CV.

Repository Managers use tools like Altmetric Badges and Altmetric Explorer to learn how readers are using content, where they are discussing it, and their geographic location (at the country level).


There are so many great resources out there! We’ve selected a brief list to get you started without overwhelming you with too many options.

Check out the succinct handouts and guides at WhatAreAltmetrics?

Watch this video guide to altmetrics for beginners.

Still want to know more? This reading list from is really good.