About the Metrics Toolkit

We developed the Metrics Toolkit to help scholars and evaluators understand and use citations, web metrics, and altmetrics responsibly in the evaluation of research.

The Metrics Toolkit provides evidence-based information about research metrics across disciplines, including how each metric is calculated, where you can find it, and how each should (and should not) be applied. You’ll also find examples of how to use metrics in grant applications, CV, and promotion packages.

Roadmap for 2020 – 2021


  • Develop a print version of the Toolkit
  • Revise our metrics schema
  • Develop and implement an outreach plan
  • Develop sample use cases to facilitate responsible use of metrics in promotion & tenure packages, funding proposals, etc.


  • Change our web stack to streamline publishing workflows and make it easier for others to reuse the content
  • Seek out funding for continued expansion of and improvements to the site