Metric Description Schema

Field Field Description
Name The name of the metric (e.g., h-index)
Can apply to Indication of to what the metric is applied (e.g. an individual researcher, a paper, journal, etc).
Metric definition Narrative definition of what the metric calculates
Metric calculation Mathematical/quantitative definition of the metric, when available
Data sources Data sources utilized to calculate metric
Appropriate use cases Lists the attention/impact related questions the metric can help address
Limitations Describes the limitations of the metric, as identified in the literature
Inappropriate use cases Describes the attention/impact related questions the metric should not be used to address
Available sources
The individuals or organizations that maintain and publish the metric, with links to those sources.
The ability to verify source data, and the availability of documentation about how a metric is derived
Website Link to the metric's official website, when appropriate
Timeframe Time scope or coverage used in calculating the metric
Last updated The date the metric description was last reviewed or revised